Low Pressure Polyurethane Door & Window Foam

812 Product Facts

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DAP® DRAFTSTOP® 812 Low Pressure/Non-Rigid Polyurethane Foam is available in 26 oz. gun grade and 16 oz. Stop N’ Store™ straw grade canisters. DRAFTSTOP® 812 is low pressure single component polyurethane foam designed to fill gaps between fenestration products and rough openings. It will provide an airtight seal and protect against water, air and sound intrusion. The non-rigid, highly elastic foam has 30% joint movement capability which accommodates movement and settlement to maintain an airtight, weather-proof seal. It is closed cell, minimal expanding foam which will not absorb water, warp or deflect window or door frames.

812 Product Facts

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Product # Description Color Size      
80810DRAFTSTOP 812 Foam (Stop N’ Store)White16 ozEnglish MSDSSpanish MSDSTech Data
80812DRAFTSTOP 812 Foam (Gun Grade)White26.0 ozEnglish MSDSSpanish MSDSTech Data
80814812 ApplicatorN/AN/AEnglish MSDSSpanish MSDSTech Data
80816812 Foam and Applicator CleanerClear12.0 ozEnglish MSDSSpanish MSDSTech Data